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Client Customization Options for Abenity Discount Programs


Abenity is proud to provide employee perks & benefit programs for hundreds of organizations across the country who use our application as an important piece of their engagement puzzle. Outsourcing a perks program is a fantastic solution for many companies, but you also run the risk of losing brand identity when you outsource. In the world of employee engagement that’s something you cannot risk doing.

That’s why Abenity offers so many customization options for our clients. From custom branded portals and emails, to branded membership cards, we want to help you keep your brand front and center so that you are viewed as the valued provider of your perks & benefits.

Here are some of the advanced customization options that we offer to clients:

Private Label Your Member Emails

Each month we deliver the Abenity Spotlight email to registered members of our discount programs. But we give you the capability to private label these emails so that they are branded with your corporate imaging and delivered from an email address of your choice for $50 / month. Additionally, clients who private label their Monthly Spotlight will also receive custom branding on the weekly Tuesday Feature. Private label delivery from a custom email address is only available for the Monthly Spotlight. Learn more…

Abenity Spotlight Email

Customize Your Home Page Banner

Integrate your brand into the discount program even deeper by sending us a custom banner image to use on your discount program’s home page. We will integrate the banner for you with a one-time setup fee of $550. Learn more…

Abenity Custom Homepage

Personalize Your Welcome Email

When employees join your discount program for the first time they are sent a welcome email with important login information and tips on using their account. Customize the new member welcome email that is sent to each of your registered members to further integrate your brand within your discount program. This option requires a one-time set up fee of $350. Learn more…

Select A Vanity URL

We offer a selection of vanity URLs to allow your brand to be the focal point of the URL and not Abenity.com. This will strengthen the presentation of your discount program when you are referencing the URL within intranet postings, emails, newsletters and flyers. Learn more…

Create A Custom Category

Showcase your exclusive discount offers within a custom category. This gives you an easy central landing page where you can feature the offers you want to highlight the most to your members. Custom Categories require a one-time $500 setup fee. Learn more…

Abenity Custom Category

Branded eTickets & Coupons

All of our printed coupons, mobile coupons, and eTickets purchased through the Abenity Store come branded for your organization as a complementary feature.

Branded eTickets & Coupons

Branded App Icons

Mobile accessibility is of utmost importance to us – it means your members will be able to access their discount program wherever they are. We make access even easier with branded app icons for iPhone users . Branded icons are a complementary feature for all Abenity clients; design your own custom app icon and have it added to your program for a one-time fee of $500 for a truly unique mobile experience. Learn more…

iPhone Homescreen Branded App Icons

Offer Employee Membership Cards

One of our most successful engagement tools are membership cards that can be handed out to employees, giving them instant tangible access to their discount program. These membership cards are optional but can increase your member participation by up to 50%. Learn more…

Customized Savings Pass Cards

Take membership cards one step further with our beautifully designed, and completely customizable, Savings Pass product. These plastic cards feature punch out membership cards and a hand-picked selection of offer keytags to give your members something truly unique to hold on to.

Abenity Savings Pass Cards



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