Celebrate Your Savings

Discover Over $4,500 In Savings With Your Abenity Membership


Your discount program with Abenity gives you access to over [offers] national and local discounts. But did you also know it increases your spendable income by over $4,500?

Below are 30 popular discounts on products, services and popular travel destinations that you could take advantage of this year. The best part? Using your discount membership you’ll save over $4,500. And you didn’t even have to ask for a raise!

Cumulative Savings:
1) Firestone Complete Auto Care

15% Off New Tire Purchases and Car Repairs  |  You Save: $109
You need 4 new tires every 3-4 years at an average cost of $430. With 15% off, you save $64. Add in a $300 car repair and you’ll save an additional $45.

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2) Jiffy Lube

15% Off Oil Changes and Service  |  You Save: $30
4 oil changes can cost $200. With your discount you save $30 annually.

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4) SeaWorld Adventure Parks

Save 20% Off Gate Price at Sea World Parks  |  You Save: $50
An ocean of fun awaits at Sea World Parks! Take a family of four and save $50.

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5) Lenovo

Up To 25% Off Laptop Computers & Accessories  |  You Save: $500
Save an average of $500 with the purchase a new laptop and laptop bag from Lenovo.

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6) Movie Tickets

Discounts From Over 15 Theaters Nationwide  |  You Save: $37
Save up to 40% off movie tickets from over 15 theaters nationwide, including Regal Cinemas and AMC Theatres. If you buy 8 movie tickets in a year, you save over $37.

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7) Restaurant.com

Save 40%+ on Gift Certificate Purchases  |  You Save: $60
Purchase $25 gift certificates everyday for $10, accepted at over 18,000 participating restaurants. Purchase four gift certificates and you save $60. Check back often for special deals with certificates as low as $1!

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8) ADT Home Security

New Activation Savings  |  You Save: $250
Choose to keep your stuff safe at home! When you activate a new home security system you receive free equipment installation plus bonus security equipment valued at over $250.

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9) IdentitySecure Identity Theft Protection

Custom Personal Identity Protect at Deep Savings  |  You Save: $180
Identify theft is the fastest growing white collar crime in America. Protect yourself and your family with IdentitySecure, with customized member plans ranging from $6.95 to $14.95. Compare to LifeLock at $25 per month. Average savings of $180 per year.

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10) 1800Flowers.com

20% Off Flower Purchases  |  You Save: $30
Buy four flower arrangements in one year and you save $30 with your 20% discount.

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11) Walt Disney World

Multi-Park Savings  |  You Save: $240
Visit multiple parks and save up to $60.00 per ticket off Regular Gate Prices. Save $240 on tickets with a family of four.

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12) Sears

Appliance Savings Corporate Pricing Program  |  You Save: $600
Save on appliance purchases with the Sears Commercial corporate pricing program. A Sears Commercial personal shopper will find the lowest possible price from distributors in your area. Average savings around $600 off retail.

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13) GlobalFit Fitness Network

Join Any Gym for $10 Plus Lowest Monthly Rates   |  You Save: $100
Join any gym in GlobalFit’s network of 10,000 facilities nationwide for just $10 and stay in shape with guaranteed lowest monthly rates. Compare to the average gym registration fee of $70 and retail-rate monthly fees and you save $100 or more every year!

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14) Southwest Vacations

Special Deals on Vacation Packages  |  You Save: $100
Save on Southwest vacation packages with savings ranging between $25 to $100. You could save $100 on two trips per year.

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15) Dish Network

$5 Off Your Bill Every Month for 2 Years  |  You Save: $120
Get cash back on your new satellite television service and save $5 off your bill every month for up to two years! $120 in total savings.

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16) Brooks Brothers

15% Savings at Brooks Brother’s Stores Off  |  You Save: $45
Dress up your wardrobe for work. Spend $300 over the course of a year, and you’ll save $45.

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17) BenchPrep

$100 off Admissions Test Courses and Professional Courses  |  You Save: $100
Get ready for graduate level entrance exams, like the GRE, with test courses from BenchPrep. Plus, save on a wide range of professional development courses that may be required by your industry. You save $100.

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18) Quizno’s

Exclusive coupons and dining discounts each month  |  You Save: $15
Save at Quizno’s restaurants nationwide with access to exclusive dining coupons every month. Eat at Quizno’s several times a year and save up to $15.

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19) Six Flags

Save Up To 38% on Park Admission  |  You Save: $70
Enjoy a weekend of summer fun and take your family to Six Flags theme parks. Discounts available at most parts nationwide. With a family of four, you save on average $70 on admission.

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20) TrueCar

Huge Savings Off New Or Used Vehicles  |  You Save: $2,000
With thousands of participating dealerships nationwide, you could save thousands off your new or used vehicle purchase. TrueCar reports average customer savings over $3,000; $2,000 assumed here.

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21) Abenity Travel Center

Up To 15% Off Hotel Bookings Worldwide  |  You Save: $135
Travelers average $45 in savings per night. If you spend 3 nights in a hotel annually at one of 75,000 participating locations, you save $135.

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22) Abenity Groceries

Free Printable Coupons  |  You Save: $300
Download and print hundreds of free manufacturer grocery coupons. Save over $300 annually on grocery store purchases.

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23) PersonalizationMall.com

15% Off Your Entire Order  |  You Save: $20
PersonalizationMall.com makes it easy to send friends and loved ones gifts with that personal touch. Spend $130 on gifts over the course of a year and you save $20.

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24) Abenity Ticket Network

10% Off Tickets To Concerts & Sporting Events  |  You Save: $50
Savings at over 20,000 concerts and events. Attend 3 events annually and you save over $50.

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25) Office Depot

Save 15-30% on Select Home Office Supplies  |  You Save: $50
Save 15-30% on select home office supplies, including paper, toner, ink cartridges and more. Spend $200 annually and save $50.

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26) Sam’s Club

$25 Gift Card with Sam’s Club Plus Membership  |  You Save: $25
Receive a $25 Sam’s Club Gift Card when you join or renew as a Plus Member.

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29) Papa John’s

Save 25% On Your Order w/ Home Delivery  |  You Save: $25
Life is busy, so use our discount to bring home delicious Papa John’s pizza with 25% off your online order and home delivery. Spend $100 at Papa John’s in a year and save $25.

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30) Avis

Save Up To 25% Off Car Rentals  |  You Save: $45
Whether you’re driving around town or across the country, Avis can get you there, and you’ll save up to 25% with your exclusive discount. Reserve your vehicle online and enjoy VIP treatment with Avis Preferred Service. Spend $180 on a car rental and save $45.

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* This post was originally published in March 2015. Individual offers are subject to change throughout the course of the year without notice.