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Father’s Day Gift Basket Contest from GourmetGiftBaskets.com

GourmetGiftBaskets.com is getting us off on the right foot in finding the perfect gift for dad on Father’s Day by offering three members a free gift basket! To enter the contest* leave us a comment on this post with a short story or favorite memory about your dad. Let’s celebrate the greatest guys in the world with some great stories!

Baskets from GourmetGiftBaskets.com are stuffed full of gourmet treats and created with masterful care. Perfect for anybody and any occasion – including Father’s Day!

Through Father’s Day [member_company_name] members will save 15% on all gift baskets over $60 with the coupon code. And remember to leave a comment about your dad for a chance to win one of three free baskets from GourmetGiftBaskets.com!

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Gourmet Gift Baskets - Dream Golf Gift Basket
Father’s Day Dream Golf Gift Basket

Dad won’t be disappointed when you send him this one-of-a-kind blue golf gift basket. GourmetGiftBasket’s golf gift bag is filled to the brim with everything needed for a day on the links; from replacement tees and golf balls to beef jerky, dark chocolate cookies, snack mix, licorice, Mike & Ike’s candies and more! It can also be used over and over again as a unique cooler that is capable of holding a six-pack of dad’s favorite beverage.

Regular Price: $69.99
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Gourmet Gift Baskets - Grilling Greatness
Grilling Greatness™ – Cooking Gift Basket

Who says you can’t cook like Emeril or Wolfgang Puck in your own backyard? GourmetGiftBasket’s Grilling Greatness™ Gift Basket is full of items that will transform any ordinary backyard chef into a culinary celebrity! Inside they’ll find everything from cedar grilling papers to grilling skewers, sauces and marinades to rubs. Award-winning products from great names like Stonewall Kitchen, Fire & Flavor, Rothschild Farms and more are all featured in their BBQ gift baskets, and you will definitely taste the difference when using these incredible cooking enhancers.

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Gourmet Gift Baskets - Orchard's Abundance
Orchard’s Abundance™ – Fruit Gift Basket

With something for everyone, it’s no secret why the Orchards Abundance™ is one of their best selling fruit baskets. They start with fruits fresh from the orchard: assorted apples, succulent pears and juicy naval oranges. Then they add sharp Vermont cheddar cheese, Organic crackers, fresh roasted mixed nuts and chocolate covered cherries! For dessert or fruit dipping, you’ll also find a delectable caramel dip. With this generous offering you have a perfect gift for any occasion!

Regular Price: $69.99
Abenity Member Price: $59.49

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* Contest Terms & Conditions: Entries will be accepted through Monday, June 13, 2011. Three winners will be randomly selected amongst respondents on the Abenity Blog and Abenity Facebook page on June 14th. No purchase necessary to win. Valid email address required to contact winner.


48 thoughts on “Father’s Day Gift Basket Contest from GourmetGiftBaskets.com

  1. My favorite memory of my dad was when I was a little girl and we would watch movies and eat peanut m&m’s. Those were the good days.

  2. My husband loves to grill and I would love to get him the Grilling Basket. He was out of work for a year and had worked hard to get another job. He just recently got a great job and he never gave up hope and found ways to support his family. Prior to him being out of work we took in his cousin who was removed from her parent due to bad living conditions. He decided we should adopt his cousin so she would not have to live in a group home and provide her with a stable life. He is an awesome Father

  3. One of my favorite memories with my dad is also caught in a picture! It was Christmas morning and my 2 sisters and I went downs stairs to find 3 HUGE boxes!! we opened them to find giant bean bags! We had so much fun playing with them, making “sandwiches” out of each other with our dad stacking us all up 🙂

  4. I can remember dancing with my father as a child. He would let me stand on the tops of his feet and we would glide around the room. I felt so grown up!

  5. Probably my favorite memory of my father was Christmas, the year Nintendo (the original Nintendo) was on every kids wish list. We were a family of 6 and all had our hopes on a Nintendo. Unfortunatley, my father wasn’t able to afford one that year. However, he made it all better by dressing up like Super Mario and turning our living room into a Mario Brothers level. It was priceless. He gave us a controller made on construction paper and let us “control” him through the living room. While we all still wanted a real Nintendo – I wouldn’t give this memory up for the world. He always has a way of making everything okay!

  6. My dad will be 80 yrs old this month and a true original American Cowboy. We grew up riding horses with my Dad. One day he allowed me in the open field riding his buckskin “Ms. Kitty” (named after Gunsmoke character). She is possibly the most powerful horse I have ever ridden. She ran away with me and threw me on top of a bobbed wire fence necessitating several stitches. That Day was one of the best in my life because I sat in my Dad’s lap all afternoon while he rocked me. I didn’t have to share his lap with my siblings that day!! It was just our day and I remember it was well worth the stitches to be rocked by the best dad in the entire world!~ He is still my hero and still a great American Cowboy even at the age of 80.

  7. My Dad was always busy with work, etc. so getting to hang out was sometimes hard but I took every opportunity. Once at the age of probably about 9, I went up to the Rescue Squad with him (he was a volunteer) and driving home, there was an emergency call. As a Cardiac First Responder, my Dad also received a request to respond as we were only a few miles of the location. My Dad looked at me and said “Hang on” and he turned on the lights and siren! WOW! After a few moments, he asked “Do you want to know how fast we are going?” I just stared straight ahead and loudly stated “NO!” We arrived safely and everything turned out fine but it was certainly a thrilling experience as a young child to be a part of the action and something I will never forget!

  8. Somee of the many favorite memories about my dad was when I was younger and how he would always let me help him in whatever he was doing like remodeling the house, putting a new roof on our house or playing sports. I gained my love of sports from my dad, he didn’t have a son but he never let that deter him from giving love and spending time with myself or my sisters.

  9. One of my favorite memories of my Dad was when we were all young and when there was a storm and the power went out for awhile, my Dad would tell stories from his time in World War II. The one story that stands out the most is when he was caught behind enemy lines, he was hiding in the snow and German soldier were standing right next to his head! Dad said he had to stay there so still for what seemed like a lifetime before he took dug himself from under the snow and made it back to the safe zone.

    The story itself was kool enough but I remember the expression on his face as he told the story, like he was right there in the action and how us kids intently listened like he was taking us on a guided tour of a war zone. We always loved his war stories, and sometimes couldn’t wait for the lights to go out again! I miss Dad, he was a great story teller and could make you laugh till you cried. Happy Father’s Day, Daddy Albert

  10. My favorite memory of my father was when I woke up from surgery and he was at my bedside. My dad has never been one with words. He handed me Billy Joel’s book “Goodnight my angel” and added in his own words. It was beautiful! We both cried 🙂

  11. One of the funniest memories I have of my Dad is the cruise we took year before last. We went to a private island and as we were exiting off the boat, he started down the steps fully dressed-shoes, shirt, pants, wallet-everything! My Dad is 84 years old and we have made many many happy memories.

  12. Over the past few years we have expierenced emotional, physical and financial hardship, but my husband has always been by my side. With the loss of both Fathers, He sacrificed making is own life and took in his mental and physically handicapped sister for a few years while I travelled with work. This past year he has been through three life threatening surgeries and came out a fighter. He is truly a wonderful, loving soul, Father and partner.

  13. The best times with my dad were on Saturday nights during the summer. He would pop a big pan of popcorn and we would set at the kitchen table and eat popcorn while listening to the Detroit Tigers baseball game on the radio. He made the best popcorn and it was just the two of us. He has passed but I still can remember those days as if it were last Saturday night.

  14. My Dad was a hard worker, had a wonderful, dry sense of humor, and loved the outdoors. But to me, one of the greatest things about him was his spirit of generosity. As I grew up, I watched him give and give, and give some more. I remember about a year before he died, he forgot and accidentally left the garage door open overnight. He woke up to find many of his power tools and other expensive items stolen. I will never forget what he said. He said that he felt so sorry for the person who stole his belongings – someone so desperate and hurting to be driven to steal, that he wished he knew who it was so that he could find them and give them the rest…the rest of the things out of his garage that they could not carry. This generosity is something that I pray that my children will carry as his legacy. To give as Jesus would have given. To love and give from the heart was the biggest and best thing he ever did.

  15. For my Dad’s birthday one year, a friend of mine had this wooden cake. It was hollowed out so it was just the right weight for a two layer cake. We iced it with his favorite strawberry frosting and presented it to him so he would cut the first piece as we always did. During the singing he tried to cut into the cake and found it to be a little hard. I have a picture of him laughing and the knife stuck in the middle of the cake. He enjoyed this cake so much that it was iced up again with fresh frosting and given to one of his friends.

  16. I am so blessed to have the most Incredible Dad in the World, he might not be my Biological Father but you would never know it, he stepped into our lives when I was 6 years old and changed my life for the better. He has always taken care of my siser and I as if we were his own and Always been there for us. I don’t know where I would be today without all of his love and support that my Biological Father was not able to give. Three years ago he suffered a heart attack on Father’s Day, it’s was one of the scariest moments of my life, so I cherish everyday that we have with him, and I would Love to be able to make this Father’s Day extra special for him and give him one of these wonderful baskets as a Thank You for being such a Selfless and Amazing role model in our lives! Thank You for your consideration!

  17. My dad is the greatest! He has been very sick with a chronic condition but still works hard and you never hear him complain about the pain that he is having!

  18. As a child, my dad owned a small sawmill and while working his regular job at the bank during the week, would go and work at the mill on the weekends to bring home extra money for our family. One summer afternoon, he pulled in the driveway in his old truck and I was waiting for him on the porch. He opened the door to the truck and out rolled two puppies- I remember looking up at him and asking if I got to keep them and he said that their mommy had died from a snakebite and the puppies didn’t have anyone to take care of them so I was now their mommy- I couldn’t believe it! One of those dogs, Brownie, was my shadow until I went to college. Love my dad for the kindness he showed to everyone along the way(including those puppies) and in turn taught me how important it was to show kindness to others. Happy Father’s Day Daddy!

  19. My favorite dad is also my husband, Dennis. After 22 very LONG months of having custody of our 3 (high needs!) grandkids we were finally able to adopt them…with Gpa Dennis’ blessing!

  20. My favorite memory of my dad was of him playing the guitar and singing. He had a setup in his study with mike, amp, the works and he would sing. I took an early interest in music and learned piano and sometimes we would sing and play together. He was a wonderful man, took excellent care of his family and had a great sense of humor. Although he worked a lot and had to travel out of town he always made time for us when he came home. He taught my sister and me how to drive (bless his heart!) Unfortunately we lost my dad to stomach cancer eight years ago this month and we miss him dearly. If only our children had gotten to know him better, but we keep his memory alive. I’m now engaged to a wonderful man with a lot of the same qualities as my dad and I feel very fortunate to have known these two great men.

  21. This year’s Father’s Day has a whole new meaning for our family. My father-in-law has been battling Leukemia over the past year, and he is now on the road to recovery. We are extra thankful to be able to celebrate this day with him this year. He is one of the most generous people I know, and he deserves so much more than we could ever give him.

  22. My dad is 89 so I have many fond memories includuing his teaching me to drive and yelled that one of my turns was an “ox cart turn”…I turned to him and promptly asked ” what is an ox cart?”…of course all he could do then is smile. He actually is my grandfather and when I was born he had discussed putting me up for adoption until he arrived at the hospital and saw me. I won over his heart and although he is in the hospital as we speak from a recent heart attack, he certainly has won over my heart forever. I would gladly give him mine in a heart beat since he has been that kind of dad. He likes to brag to his friends about me taking all of his money since he sent me to Vanderbilt and to medical school.I can never repay him, and even if I cant’t give him a new heart,the gift basket would help me say thanks for all that you have done!

  23. My Dad has always been there for me when I needed him. From when I was a young kid all the way through high school, my dad always took the time to work with me on my passion of sports. He’d work all day long, and then come home from work and somehow manage to have time to get yard/housework done and work on some aspect of a sport with me. We’d shoot hoops in the driveway or he’d catch for me so I could work on my curveball pitching. He’d take me out to a nearby ball diamond and pitch to me so I could work on my swing. Then we’d go pick up the entire bucket of balls I hit and do it again. Not only did my dad help me in sports, but he also helped me excel on various projects in school. We build a mousetrap car together, a small model of a home, and even a volcano for a science project. So I’m extremely thankful for all my dad has done for me. And now that I’m working full-time, he’s there for me just to talk to, or just have a beer with. I think would dad would love the grilling backet above. It would be a great way for me to honor him and thank him for all he’s done for me!

  24. Every holiday my dad will start opening his presents before they are even handed out to everyone and every year me and ny mom scold him and tell him to wait but he never does. One Christmas he opened his gifts and put them away before anyone even noticed or could see what he had got so we decided to get him back last year, dad loves nuts any kind of nuts so all of us kids and grand kids decided to give him nuts for Christmas, he was so baffeled and confused by having received so many different kinds of nuts that he had to stop and ask why he kept opening up bags and canisters of nuts, we all laughed and told him that since it didn’t matter what we gave him because it was just going to be put away right after it was opened, that at least WE would all know what he had received…AN ENTIRE FAMILY OF NUTS!!!

  25. I will never forget my wedding night, as I was leaving my reception with my new husband, my Dad came to say goodbye. He hugged me and told me he loved me and then he handed me a key, it was the key to my childhood home. He said you know you can always come home, if you need or want to, for any reason. It made me feel so safe and loved as he always has.

  26. My dad is the best dad in the world. It’s hard to choose just one good memory we’ve had since there are so many! Some of my favorite memories are the times when I would come home for the weekend from college in Wisconsin. On Friday or Saturday night we would go to the SCSU hockey games and cheer on the Huskies. It was kind of our “tradition” to go to the games and get something to eat beforehand. We had a blast! Again, just one of the many wonderful times I have spent with my father. He is caring and loving and I wouldn’t trade him for anything in the world!!!

  27. Dad is most happy when all the kids and grandkids are gathered around the grill as he loads up their plates with his sizzling and scrumptious eats, cooked to perfection every time!

  28. I wanted to celebrate my dad for being a good father to children that are not his biological children. My uncle was killed in 2006 and my dad took in his son to help raise him and then in 2010 he took in three additional children. Me and my brother’s friends call him dad and he takes time to talk and listen to all of them. I would love to buy him a sports gift basket with popcorn, hersey’s chocolate and peanuts but I don’t have the money as I’m a college student. He deserves this and so much more. Thanks for the opportunity to tell about my dad.

  29. When I was 6, my dad was in our driveway working on our old Ford truck. We were hanging out as we often did when I noticed the neighbors across the street setting up a yard sale and went to see what they had. I found this solid sterling silver ring for 10 cents so I ran back to my dad asking him for a dime. He asked me what kind of junk I wanted to drag home and I answed “I can’t tell you”. He gave me the money and I went back to buy him this bulky, ugly silver ring. I was so excited to give it to him and he seemed to be just as happy to receive it. My dad put that ring on and wore it from that day on (out dated and all). It is still with him and that was 1976. What a DAD! =)

  30. My favorite memory of my father is probably the most heroic. My dad is my hero, he has made me the person I am today, strong, independent, and wanting to be the best mother to my new baby boy that I can. Before I was born, my father became paralyzed from the waist down due to a rare disease in his spine. With my father only being 26 years old with 3 children (all boys) and a newborn baby girl on the way, this was very scary for him as I’m sure it was for my mother as well. My mother was told he wouldn’t make it and since she was so stressed out she ended up having me 2 weeks early. I came out healthy and the “little daddy’s girl” he always wanted. My father spent the first 6 months of my life in the hospital. Came home and with time went right back to work, he has worked very hard to make a living and provide for all 4 of his kids. Even still taking us all on vacations and everything else. He has showed me that no matter what life brings at you, disabled or not to be the best parent you can and in the end they hopefully will grow up to be the person you want them to be:)

  31. When I was 13 my dad took me to the bus station so I could go visit my friend (back when it was safe to send a kid on a bus alone – in 1978). I saw that the ticket price was much cheaper for 12 and under so I told my dad to say I was still 12. He said “No, we can’t do that becasue it would be dishonest.” It’s one of those great teaching moments I will never forget.

  32. In the summer my dad would get home early to take us waterskiing. He would take us out at least 2 evenings a week we would eat dinner on the boat and we stay out until it was nearly dark. It was a great time to get out on the lake and waterski- there was much less traffic than on the weekends.

  33. When I was about 8 or so, hula hoops were the big thing (1960’s). My family didn’t have the money for one, so my dad crafte a home made one for me out of plastic water pipe. It worked fine, but as I explained to him, the ones the other kids have all make the “shoop shoop” sound. So back he went to the shop. This time when he presented it to me, my hula hoop now sounded just like everyone elses, a few small rocks in it did the trick! Thank you Dad.

  34. Growing up we didn’t always have a lot of toys or the best bicycles but it was always fun at our house. My dad would take us to the park for a picnic lunch-made at home and shared by all 6 of us on a blanket under a tree. We would run and swing on the swings. I remember my Dad taking us swimming also to the city pool and he would get in the water with us and pretend to be a shark. He would let us jump off his shoulders when we were smaller and he would throw us up in the air and into the water. It was great.

  35. I`ll always remember my father for never being to tired to play baseball with me, he was always there for me..

  36. My husband is a gr8 father-he’s been raising my first 2 children since they were 3/5 and they are now 16/14.We also have 2 together. He has never treated them any diffrent. He always tells them my blood my not be running through u but my ways,morales and the love i have for u were like you were my own. Any one can be a father but it takes someone speacial to be a daddy. He just a perfect example of a gr8 dad to all the children

  37. My late but never forgotten father left many lessons of life! One was an incident when I was lamenting bad decisions I had made! He stood there and put both arms up pointing behind him! He then said ” whenever you feel these regrets always picture your old man showing you to put those thoughts behind you!” I hope I am leaving some good lessons for my children as he left for me!

  38. There I was terrified to swim past the pool drain after seeing the movie “JAWS” in 75′-76′. My dad would meet me halfways to carry me over the drain so that the big bad SHARK wouldn’t emerge from the drain and eat me!! I could always count on my dad to carry me through the rough waters! HAPPY FATHER’S DAY DAD- HOPE YOU WIN..I LOVE YOU!

  39. The best memory of my dad is of one night when the family was just sitting around visiting. One silly comment after another led to non-stop giggles. My dad was laughing so hard he wasn’t even making any sound. Oh the good times! Enjoy the little things every day!

  40. My father was 47 when I was born, so most who didn’t know him thought I was a grand-son. I remember the reactions of some people &, though I didn’t understand it when I was a child, I do now.

    My favorite memories include Dad reading Scooby Doo books to me & doing the voices. Dad was not perfect, but he taught me many good things. He passed away when I was 18.

  41. When I was little and would hold my dad’s hand, I used to wrap my fingers around his thumb because I couldn’t get my tiny ones around his entire hand. Even a few years later when my hand WAS large enough to hold onto his the normal way, I would still hang onto his thumb out of habit.

    Fast forward many years: my wedding was an *amazing* event. (We have been married for almost 25 years and people STILL talk about it.) It was romantic and beautiful (my mom is a florist so you can imagine) and everyone was starry eyed and feeling the love. (More babies were conceived the date of my wedding!). Of course there were the standard dances, including the bride and her father. My dad was handsome and elegant, his British dignity and sense of humor perfectly suited for the event.

    When we got back the photos, I marveled at how beautiful the flowers were, how happy we looked, how much fun everyone appeared to be having and turned a page and stopped dead. There, in the middle of the photo, were my father and I dancing our dance, cheek to cheek, more love on my dad’s face that I had seen in any photograph, me a bit teary eyed at the moment. And there…….at our sides……my fingers wrapped around his thumb.

    That one photo generated more tears and reminiscing than any other single photo in the collection. I have it now, framed and up with other, technically better photos to remind me that no matter the occasion, no matter my age, he will always be my daddy and even though my mind may be otherwise occupied, my heart will always remember and tell my fingers what to do.

  42. My favorite memory of my dad was when he held his grandchild for the first time. She was a preemie and there was a delay before we could even touch her. I will never forget him picking her up, tubes and all, and telling her what a promising future she would have and how he would make sure her daddy would come home safely and be there for all of her other big events in life.

  43. Following my birth, my mom was ill for the first two years of my life. Not only did my dad become my main caregiver, but from the beginning of my life, my dad and I formed a loving bond that has continued to grow even stronger through the years. I am in my 50s now and it amazes me how many of the same personality traits we share.

    As for my favorite memory, my dad has three brothers and every Sunday afternoon my dad, my mom, my brother and myself would go to my grandmothers along with my uncles, their wives and all my cousins. If we behaved, we would be treated with bowls of vanilla ice cream. One Sunday my dad pulled Hershey’s Syrup from the refrigerator and he gave us all heaping amounts of Hershey’s on our ice cream and showed us how to stir the syrup into the ice cream to make it “chocolate” ice cream. My dad was always my hero, but I can remember all of us cousins cheering at the big dining room table because we were eating chocolate ice cream that my dad “made”. I still remember thinking what a wonderful dad I had.

    I have so many wonderful family memories of both my mom and my dad, but this one is my all time favorite.

  44. My dad was the fairest person I know; a gentleman AND a gentle man. He smiled and laughed a lot and always had a twinkle in his eyes. I grew up being teased, and to me it’s such a sign of love that, to this day, if I tease someone, it means I really like them a lot. My dad was a rock throughout my divorce and though he’s been gone for 12 years, I miss him more each day.

  45. I have many favority memories of my dad, but one of my favorites was on Christmas mornings. We would each get to pick out our first present to open and he would very calmly explain to us that this year, we were going to be civilized when we opened our presents, at which point he would proceed to rip into his like a 5 year old with paper and ribbons flying everywhere!! We would get a huge laugh out of that.

  46. My Dad is now 84 yrs. old and has lost so much of his memory after several strokes…but remembers WWII like it was yesterday. He was married to my Mother for 62 years until she passed away in Feb. 2010 and misses her greatly. In his healthier days was a vibrant father of 6, all of us grown now and doing well. He is now a grandfather of 12, and great-grandfather of 2. He served in the Navy in WWII, and afterward started an air-conditioning/heating company near Chicago, Illinois which my brothers operates today. Along with seeing many hardships in his childhood during the Depression, losing his Mom early on, serving in the war, and then his business, he also put up with all kinds of crazy antics from us kids and still ran that house like a ship. We have learned perseverence and hard work from him. We learned from him to never give up in the worst circumstances. He still lives in the house he built for us kids and is very lonely. I live far away and miss him so much! I would like to send a gift basket to him to bless him for serving us as our father, and also serving in WWII. Thank you!

  47. My Dad was born in Czechoclovakia. His dad led him over the mountains to escape and brough him to the US. I am very proud of my family. When my mom and dad separated my dad made me shrimp scampi for my birthday and discovered his love for gourmet cooking. He inspired my desire to try new cooking techniques, to grill, and to try new and different things. My son is currently in France at school and was able to visit the Czech republic…all becasue of the impact my dad has had on my family. There just not enough room to share it all though! Love my dad!!!

  48. Thank you for all the great stories guys! The contest is now closed – we’ll be notifying and posting the winners soon! Thanks!

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