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Sponsored Kids – Meet Abraham

Happy Sponsored Kids Friday, everyone! Today, we’re going to meet Abraham Youssou!  He is 15 years old and will turn 16 next March.  He lives in Niakhar, Senegal, where we sponsor a total of 89 kids.  He likes studying history in school and says his hobby is model/toy cars.  Abraham lives with his father and…


Sponsored Kids – Meet Boydo

Hello, everyone! With the holiday this week, Sponsored Kids Friday is happening on Wednesday!  So Happy Almost-Thanksgiving, folks!  I hope you all have a peaceful, fulfilling time with your family, friends, or whoever you most like to be around. While we take a day to reflect on the blessings in our life and the communities we treasure,…


Sponsored Kids – Meet Saly

Happy Sponsored Kids Friday, everyone!  It was so, so tough to choose what to write about today, because I have been so inspired by the things I’ve learned over the past week.  Some of our employees have specifically asked for child-friendly resources to show their children and get them engaged in World Vision and writing their new…