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Sponsored Kids – Meet 4 New Friends

Happy Sponsored Kids Friday! I have 2 things to tell you about today!  First, if you get World Vision’s emails, you may have seen this stat, but I wanted to share it here for the sake of those that don’t.  World Vision works all over the world, including the United States!  Since the COVID-19 closures, World Vision has been helping vulnerable families here in the US overtime.  So far, they’ve provided 300,000 meals to those struggling and 180,000 pieces of PPE to frontline healthcare workers!  Globally, their goal is to serve 72 million people affected by the pandemic (including 36 million children).  How awesome is that??

Next, we have some NEW kids to meet today!  Remember a few months ago when we had some kids with life changes that caused them to no longer receive a WV sponsorship?  Well, we’ve had that happen with 4 more kids.  Three of these children’s families have moved away from the area, and since WV has a community-centric sponsorship model, that means they can no longer receive sponsorship.  However, one child’s family has actually become self-sufficient!  Thanks to improved life circumstances and the support and training World Vision provided, this family is making room for another child to be sponsored.

  • Rakhwe: Family has moved.
  • Marie:  Family has moved. 
  • Ibrahima:  Family is self-sufficient.  World Vision said his family has broken the cycle of poverty!  
  • Khemess:  Family has moved.

For those that moved, let’s pray their moves provide them with better work and school opportunities! Now, to meet the NEW kids.  Woo woo!

  • Ngawo: 4 year old boy from Lour Ribot, Senegal.
  • Fatou: 12 year old girl from Tattaguine, Senegal.  She loves writing!
  • Theirno: 3 year old boy from Sare Bidji, Senegal (new region for us!).
  • Diakhoumba: 4 year old boy from Dialacoto, Senegal (also a new region for us).  Loves playing with dolls.

I’ll include pictures when these little ones have official profiles with us.  For now, enjoy the video from World Vision about their latest COVID-19 efforts!