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Sponsored Kids – Meet Adji

Happy Friday, everyone!

Today, I want to put the spotlight on this little cutie we just recently sponsored.  Her name is Adji and she’s turning 4 on October 15!  Here are the facts:
+ She isn’t in school yet.
+ She loves to play with dolls.
+ She has 1 sister.
+ Her parents are both farm laborers.  
+ Her community is called Lour/Ribot and is on the edge of a desert.  

Let that sink in – her parents work on farms right next to a desert.  That means that their livelihood is entirely dependent upon a good rainy season and the hope that the desert will not expand (which is a thing deserts seem to do). Reading about where Adji lives got me thinking about this: why exactly is Senegal so poor?  Senegal is one of the most stable countries in West Africa, a democracy with tolerant views and a welcoming culture.  It is lauded as one of the safest West African places to travel.  So, why?
Well, as our contact from World Vision, Terry, said, poverty is a complex issue.  I won’t go into everything I’ve found today, but I will break down some of the basics over the coming weeks.  The important thing to know today is that World Vision is helping combat Senegalese poverty at its roots (health, economy, and education) and our sponsorship of Adji and other kiddos in her community is truly making a difference.

You know what would be awesome?  What if Adji falls in love with learning, gets her education because of the programs World Vision is putting into place, becomes a leader in her community, defies odds and becomes a female mayor or a representative in Senegal, and helps turn her country’s economy around? 

Whatever her dreams are and become, she deserves the opportunity to live a healthy, full, happy life.  That can’t happen in extreme poverty, with little food and no education.  But now, for Adji, IT CAN.  Adji has a future because of the beautiful work that WV is doing in Lour/Ribot and we get the honor of being a part of that!!

Challenge:  Over the next week, will you join me in 2 things?  First, let’s pray for Adji and her family.  Second, the Abenity Team will be writing to some of our kids this week. Would you comment below with a message for one of the kids, just to let them know how many people care about them?