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Sponsored Kids – Meet Khady

Happy Sponsored Kids Friday!  It has been a crazy day, so I’m just going to pop in here real quick and introduce you to this week’s kid: Khady!

We have sponsored Khady for 4 years, and she is now 17 years old.  Khady has 1 brother and 3 sisters, who all live with her parents in Diakhoa, Senegal. Khady’s favorite subject is geography, which I don’t think I’ve heard as a response to that question yet!

In honor of Khady’s interest in geography, I thought I’d provide a couple of fun stats:

  • It is over 4,000 miles from TN to Senegal!
  • The flights can be close to 36hrs of travel time, but the flight from NYC to Dakar is actually less than 9 hours!
  • Fun notable geographical feature:  A distinctive and well-known feature of the country is the pink-water Lake Retba, near the city of Dakar, which is one of the few lakes in the world with naturally pink or reddish colored water.

Senegal sounds like an amazing country, doesn’t it? We are so lucky to be connected to this country and 220 of its residents. Please pray that we continue to be able to sponsor more and more children. We’ll be praying for you, too.