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Sponsored Kids – Meet Serigne

Today, we get to meet this little cutie, Serigne Abdou Khadre!  He will turn 2 years old in 1 month and is just too precious! I chose Serigne for 3 reasons.  
1) I wanted you all to gush over his cute little face with me.  
2) I wanted to learn more about Senegalese names.  
3) I wanted to share something fun I learned about his “hobby”!

1)  Done.  Look at the picture.  *swoon*
2)  I learned from a little web dive that names are VERY important in Senegalese culture.  Apparently, there is a fairly finite number of last names in Senegal.  That’s because most of their last names relate to a tribe or a larger group.  From what I read, when someone introduces themselves, it’s very common for the other person to start joking around with them based on their last name.  Jokes range from how much food that family eats, to making light of names associated with families of servants (yikes!).  This joking might sound harsh to us, but it is simply used as an icebreaker and a way to become fast friends with a perfect stranger.  For their safety, World Vision doesn’t list our sponsored kids’ surnames on their profiles, so I won’t do that here, either – but there is no doubt that Serigne’s last name will be a connection point for him with future friends!
3)  On WV’s site, it says Serigne enjoys playing “traditional games.”  Well, that’s not particularly specific, so I did a little research.  While I can’t be certain this is something Serigne enjoys, I found some info about a fun, traditional Senegalese game that children play!

Lagan Buri is a traditional Senegalese game that sounds like a hybrid of Hide and Seek and Capture the Flag.  (Who knows, maybe Capture the Flag stems from this game, passed down through generations!)   There are 5+ players, a large area, and a “lagan”, or a handkerchief.  The group chooses a place for home base and one person to be “it”.  Everyone then stands on home base, covers their eyes, and waits while “it” goes and hides the handkerchief.  Once it’s hidden and “it” is back on home base, he or she yells out “Buri!”  And everyone is off!  The goal after that is for the person who found the handkerchief to tag all of the other players (who then have to sit on home base).  Once everyone is “out”, that person taps someone on the head with the handkerchief, and they become “it.”  Sounds pretty fun, huh?  🙂

Maybe this is how our little friend will spend his afternoons in the future, playing with friends. For this week’s challenge, why don’t you give Lagan Buri a try at home with your family? If you try it, let me know in the comments! Anyway, that’s all for now.  I hope you all have a happy weekend!