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Abenity’s Date-Based Recognition Emails Make it Easy to Show You Care When it Matters Most!

Keeping up with employees on their birthdays and corporate anniversaries is just one small way you can make sure they feel appreciated and valued in their job. But if you have a large staff, keeping up with hundreds or thousands of individual milestone dates – let alone remembering to send them a “Happy Birthday” wish – can be challenging. Abenity’s new Date-Based Recognition Email service make it easy to show you care!


What Does It Cost To Replace An Employee?

Employee retention is an ongoing (and costly) battle for human resources, and the only remedy is better employee engagement.

Do your employees LOVE your company? They should. Emotional engagement with your team members is the first and most important step and human resources has direct influence over many of these emotional motivators.

Here are some ideas about how to leverage our specialty, employee discount programs, towards employee retention and reduced turnovers.


CEOs Misjudge the Importance of Employee Discounts and Incentives

Does your CEO have the information in hand that he or she needs to make adequate decisions about employee benefit and incentive programs? According to the Opinion Research Corporation, most do not. Employee discount programs, like those provided by Abenity, can go a long ways in achieving greater employee loyalty – but that case must be understood by executives at your company.