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Abenity makes it easy for organizations to increase their member perks through a privately branded discount programs. Each program is packed with discount offers and features to give you complete control, savings and flexibility.

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27 New Abenity Program Features Over Last 24 Months

Here is a list of new program features and tools Abenity has developed and launched for our clients over the last 2 years within our Perks and Discounts programs. And we won’t stop here. Over the next two years we will bring even more great new program features to the table to enhance your Abenity member and employee discount programs.


Three Mistakes That Prevent Employee Engagement

Voluntary benefits, such as employee discount programs, can aid in our quest towards quality employee engagement. However, these three simple mistakes can often get in the way of preventing valuable employee engagement from happening.


New Branded Domains For Your Abenity Discount Program

This week Abenity is rolling out branded domains that will position the names of our clients at the front of their discount program URL. This is an important new level of custom branding for our clients that keeps their name and brand at the forefront of Abenity discount programs.


Abenity Expands Globally with International Offers

We’re excited to announce the addition of our International Offers category. This new category expands the reach of Abenity’s discount program to include offers in Canada, Mexico, Africa, Asia, Australia and Europe, making it easier for Abenity members to find discounts as they travel to other countries.