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Increase your employee’s spendable income with discounts that offer over $4,500 in savings.

Over $4,500 in Savings per Employee

Abenity provides your employees with savings opportunities to naturally increase their spendable income. It’s like giving a raise, without the expense of an annual salary increase.

A Core Benefit Solution in Today’s Marketplace

Work life programs play an integral role within an organization’s total compensation package. These programs foster company loyalty and create personal connections for your workers within their local community that will save them money. And in a trying economic climate, when raises are difficult to come by, these kinds of programs become even more valuable to the organization and the employee.

Custom Loyalty & Engagement Solutions

Engage and recognize the people who make your organization great. We’ve equipped your Abenity back-office with the resources you need to easily integrate your existing discounts, market your program, and show employee appreciation with personalized greeting cards, gifts, give-aways, prizes, flowers and more.

What some employers are saying about Abenity:

Abenity has saved a lot of valuable time for our HR department by managing our discount program and making sure the information is updated. New discounts are added frequently, which is a big plus for our team members. In this troubled economy, every little bit that we can save our team members is a big help to them.

Pati Caldwell, HR Manager in Neptune, NJ with 10,000 employees

Abenity has taken our company's Perk & Discount Program off of my desk and given me back the time to focus on other issues. The Abenity program was very easy to implement for our 4,000+ employees and is the best value benefit that we offer. The employees love it, especially in this economy, and view it as a great employee incentive and reward.

Joan Cook, Director, Benefits/HRIS in Nashville, TN with 5,000 employees

Abenity helped provide us with a low cost benefit to offer to our employees during a tough economic period. The Abenity employee discount program provides a lot of value to our employees and was SOOOO easy to implement. Abenity has also saved our HR department a lot of time as we are no longer responsible for managing multiple discount programs and merchant listings. In addition to the value it provides to our organization, the Abenity discounts provide relevant offers for everyone. We get the most positive feedback about the discounts that Abenity has secured on grocery coupons, with Costco and Firestone, and on vacation packages. We love it!

Nancy Griffith, Human Resources Director in Naples, FL with 400 employees

We have been using the Abenity program for over a year and it has helped us to centralize all of the discounts that we have in place for our team members. We were able to incorporate all 40 of the existing discounts that we had in place within the Abenity program without a fee to our merchants. Additionally, Abenity's discount directory provided our Team Members with access to a couple hundred local discounts and thousands of national discounts. Our team members love that we provide them with a one-stop shop for discounts and our HR team loves how easy it is to provide to them.

Wendy Edelson, Director, Human Resources in Neptune, NJ with 10,000 team members

Abenity has allowed us to offer a wider variety of discounts while alleviating the time-consuming work that is required to manage an in-house discount program. Furthermore, it would be impossible to coordinate a discount program of Abenity's magnitude internally. Abenity provided us with all of the implementation tools that we needed to make the program easy to launch to our employees and everything that was promised by Abenity was delivered within our timeframe. Abenity is an affordable alternative to the internally managed program that we were offering and the value we can now offer to our associates is unprecedented.

Julie A. Morgan, Human Resources in Nashville, TN with 800 employees

I wish everything was as easy to implement as our Abenity employee discount program. We are thrilled that so many of our employees have taken advantage of the great discount offers and it feels good knowing that coast to coast, all of our employees have access to the same variety of wonderful discounts.

Andrea Rosenthal, Manager, Business & Employee Communications in San Francisco, CA with 2,200 employees

Abenity has provided us with a great online solution for housing all of the employee discounts offered from our many merchants. The program was simple to implement and required very few resources of our own. In addition to the existing discounts that Abenity hosts for us, our employees are very pleased by the number and variety of additional discount offers available through Abenity.

Anonymous, Managing Director, Total Rewards in Ft. Lauderdale, FL with 3,500 employees

Our employees and retirees now have access to many more discounts across the country and from many more merchants than we could have developed on our own. Our employees consider the discounts available to them through Abenity as a valuable benefit. In addition to the discounts, Abenity’s management of our employee discount program is a great time saver for our HR staff. Abenity makes all merchant updates and changes for us so that we don’t have to update our own website all the time when new discounts become available or existing offers change. We simply refer the merchants to our Abenity account rep and the changes are quickly made on our behalf.

Butch Savage, Senior Manager, Compensation, Benefits and HRIS in Nashville, TN with 4,000 employees and retirees

Abenity has helped make it is easy for me to keep our discount program up to date. When I have a new discount offer from a merchant I just send a quick e-mail to our Abenity rep and the new discount is loaded to our employee discount program. This saves me the admin time of loading new discounts and allows me to simply provide our employees with one centralized location for all of our discounts.

Heather Cantrell, Employee Relations Specialist in Brentwood, TN with 250 employees

We were working diligently to create an Employee Discount Program from ’scratch’, meaning calling on merchants one at a time to ask them if they would be willing to provide a discount to our employees. You can imagine how time consuming this activity was. With the Abenity program, ’boom’, all the discounts are right there in one place. It would have taken us years to create a program this robust on our own.

During times when you may not be able to give your employees the bonuses and raises you would like to, it is wonderful to be able to offer some significant savings to employees and their families through a robust discount program like Abenity. It is easy to administer, personalized to your company and your employees, new discounts are added almost daily, and it is affordable. It is a turn-key program for HR and the employees love it!

Kathy Roadarmel, Vice President of Human Resources in Brentwood, TN with 4,000 employees

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