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Our Savings Network

75,000+hotels in 50 countries

75,000+concerts & events



18,000+car rental locations

8,000+car dealerships

8.000+local florists

500+theme parks, attractions & tours

300+local and national offers in Canada

8,000+gym and fitness studios

5,000+movie theaters


For 08/01/2021


New Offers

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New Offers by City

  • Houston, TX - 244
  • Nashville, TN - 141
  • San Antonio, TX - 120
  • Orlando, FL - 114
  • DALLAS, TX - 113
  • CHICAGO, IL - 107
  • Miami, FL - 104
  • Austin, TX - 97
  • Tampa, FL - 97
  • Jacksonville, FL - 95

Last Updated: 08/01/2021

302,000+offers across 10,000 cities

350,000+total locations

$4,500+in available savings

200,000+Online Only

500+eTickets & vouchers

100,000+Printable & Mobile Coupons

Abenity Store

Our direct-to-member pricing cuts out those pesky middleman-broker fees, delivering deeper discounts for you with no hidden fees!

25,496Total Items Sold

$345,073Total Savings Delivered

$13.53Avg. Savings Per Order

Make It a Movie Night

2.5movie etickets are purchased per order on average

9.2movie etickets are purchased annually by our repeat customers

How many movie etickets do our members purchase at once?

  • 16% of members purchase 1 ticket per order
  • 50% of members purchase 2 tickets per order
  • 13% of members purchase 3 tickets per order
  • 12% of members purchase 4 tickets per order
  • 8% of members purchase 5 tickets per order

Store Performance at a Glance

70% Orders Delivered in 5 seconds

60:00 Avg. Digital Delivery Time

1.1 Unique Items Per Order

$26.27 Avg. Savings Per Order

A Quick Look at Shopping Behavior

Popular Shopping Methods

61% Shop On a Computer

36% Shop By Phone

3% Shop On a Tablet

Perks Report

Download our annual perks report to see how our discounts, features, and business model compare to the competition.

Comparison Report Abenity Compare To
Regal Cinemas eTickets

Last Updated:11/19/2019

$9.75 $11.60 $11.58
Go San Francisco Card: 2-Day Adult (Ages 13+) eTickets

Last Updated:11/19/2019

$98.60 $108.99 $108.99
Go San Francisco Card: 2-Day Child (Ages 3-12)

Last Updated:11/19/2019

$82.45 $91.99 $91.99
Compare More Perks (Including Quiznos, Six Flags, Jiffy Lube, & Chili's) Request Full Report
Movie Showtimes YES NO NO
Wellness (Nutrition Basics, Healthy Recipes, Expert Videos) YES NO NO
Local & National Discounts (#) 302,000+ in 10,000 U.S. & Canadian Cities Request Full Report
Branding & Technology Features Abenity Compare To
Branded eTickets & Mobile App Icons YES NO NO
Show & Save Mobile Coupons (In-store) YES NO NO
Perks API Offer Feed YES NO NO
Mobile Apps: iPhone, Android, & Windows YES NO NO
Perk Alerts (Push Notifications) YES NO NO
Business Model Abenity Compare To
Funding Source Employer Funded Member Funded Member Funded
Funding Source Account Subscription
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Insurance & Ad Sales Commissions & Ad Sales

This data is provided to show the current rates of Abenity compared to the rates of its competitors as of the dates indicated above. This comparison may contain information on competitors that has changed and this information should not be relied on when deciding whether or not to procure Abenity’s services or cease the use of a competitor’s services. This information may not be re-published in any format.

Savings Calculator

We provide over $4,500 in available savings per member. Use our calculator to see how your purchases can add up using Abenity.

Total Savings


Automotive Savings

It's important to get 4 oil changes annually to properly maintain the condition of your vehicle. With the cost of an oil change averaging $40 and our 15% off savings perk, you can expect to save around $6 per oil change with Abenity.


It's not unusual to experience a $150 car repair annually for each of your vehicles. With our 15% member-only discount at every Firestone nationwide, you can expect to save at least $22.50 per repair.

You should try to replace each of your vehicle's tires once every 3-4 years. With an average cost of $120 per tire and up to 15% off through our savings network, you can expect to save around $72 per vehicle.

If you're in the market for a brand new vehicle, then you'll be able to benefit from one of our most valuable perks. Employees save an average of $3,221 off MSRP through our network of more than 10,000 dealerships nationwide.


Travel & Family Entertainment Savings

Whether you're planning a family vacation or a quick business trip, you'll save up to 15% at more than 70,000 hotels across 50 countries through our Travel Center. With rooms averaging $75 - $130 a night, you'll easily save $15 per night.


When it comes to renting a car, we've partnered with the industry leaders to save you up to 25% on your next family vacation or business trip.

With gate prices at major theme parks and attractions averaging $100, you can expect to save anywhere from $10 - $40 on every admission ticket you purchase through Abenity.

General admission to local attractions, including water parks, city tours, zoos, and aquariums, can range from $10 - $65 per person. With up to 40% savings through Abenity, you can save more than $5 on almost every ticket you buy.

With easy online ordering, printable eTickets on demand, and integrated showtimes and trailers, we've put everything you need for your next movie night at your fingertips. Plus, with discounts up to 35%, a family of four can easily save over $16 on every trip to the movies.


Cellular Phone Savings

With cell phone bills averaging $60/month, our 10% discount from Sprint can instantly save you $72 annually per line.


Concerts & Events Savings

If the average concert or sporting event ticket costs $75, then you can expect to save $7.50 with every ticket you purchase.


Consumer Electronics Savings

With a wide variety of discounts available from popular computer brands, you can save up to 25% on every purchase.

Save up to $500 on flat-screen HDTV's with special member-only discounts at popular brands like Panasonic.

Consumer electronics are on the rise and you can easily save over $50 per purchase on many products with up to 25% off a variety of items from popular national brands.


Accessories change as frequently as the technology they support. With up to 25% savings on anything from headphones and car chargers, to external hard drives and headphones, you'll enjoy savings on items you use every day.


Home Services

By switching Cable Television proviers, you can receive up to a $120 VISA cash card as a rebate and $5 off your monthly bill for up to two years, resulting in an additional $120 in member-only savings.

When you activate a new home security system you'll receive free equipment, free installation plus bonus security equipment that's valued at more than $250.

When you finance or re-finance a home you can receive an exclusive $500 cash back perk at closing from Quicken Loans.


Retail Savings


With 10% savings from Target.com, 15% - 30% off at Office Depot, and 20% - 50% off from fashion retailers like Brooks Brothers, Jos. A Banks, and The Men's Wearhouse, you'll enjoy exclusive member-only savings on everything from home goods to office supplies!

Enjoy a $10 gift card when you join or renew your annual Sam's Club membership.

Receive $50 in free products and coupons when you join or upgrade your Costco membership.


Personal & Family Services

We've partnered with the experts to make sure that it's never been easier, or faster, to get your taxes done right. With these offers, you can save up to $50 on your annual tax preparation.

-45 hours/week of live-in childcare, customized to your family's schedule

-An average weekly cost of only $375/week (per family, not per child)




The only way to make giving the perfect gift a little sweeter is by adding up to a 20% member-only discount at popular online retailers you can trust.


Save up to 20% when you reach out and recognize the important people in your life with unique gifts, chocolates, or flowers. With an average flower bouquet costing $40, it's easy for you to save nearly $5 on every gift you give.


Health & Wellness

With the cost of prescription eyeglasses or sunglasses averaging $100, your 30% member-only discount can save you $30 on each of your purchases.


Abenity's digital Pharmacy Card offers 10% - 80% off over 60,000 prescription medications at most local pharmacies nationwide. Savings results vary based on your current healthcare benefits.

With an average lab test costing around $50, you can expect to save $7.50 on each of your services.

On average, you can save more than $50 off new memberships at local gyms and fitness centers.

On average, you can save 30% on annual eye exams. The median price of an eye exam is $85, giving our members an average savings of $25.

On average, our members save 56% on dental checkups, cleanings, and X-Rays with a DentalPlans.com subscription, amounting to over $700 in annual savings compared to the national retail rate average of similar services.


Insurance Services

The average pet insurance plan through VPI costs $600 / year. Our members save 10% on VPI Pet Insurance plans, offering you $60 of annual savings.

Premium roadside assitance plans in the United States covering 2 drivers average $150 / year. Abenity members save 15% off similar coverage with Complete Auto360 and the National Motor Club.


Food, Grocery & Dining


Based on your weekly lunch budget, you can expect this annual savings number with a 10% average discount from the 30,000+ restaurant discounts available to you throughout the United States and Canada.


Based on your weekly dinner budget, you can expect this annual savings number with a 10% average discount from the 30,000+ restaurant discounts available to you throughout the United States and Canada.


Make it a pizza night! Based on the results of your monthly pizza budget, you can expect this amount in annual savings when you purchas your pizzas through Abenity.

Abenity A

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Optucorp USA
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